Smoking Services

Hot Smoking

We are happy to offer you a hot smoking service for all fish under 2 kilo’s. Your fish will be smoked and ready within 10 days for £5 per fish.

Cold Smoking

We also offer a cold smoking service for any fish caught at the farm or in any other waters. We will smoke Salmon or Trout over the weight of 2 kilo’s. Your fish will be filleted, boned and vacuumed packed at the price of £10 per fish.

We aim to have all products ready for collection within 10 days. All fish over 10lbs in weight, the cost is £15 per fish.

Please be aware!

There are a number of factors which affect the cold smoking of fish. The air temperature, time of year and humidity. This may result in your fish order taking longer than 10 days on occasion.

Please contact us by telephone or emails to confirm your item is ready for collection prior to making your trip.