Smoked Fish & Seafood



Our Smoked Salmon really is a work of art, we have adopted a very old fashioned, successful method of dry curing and cold smoking the fish. We pay a lot of attention in sourcing our salmon and with a lot of current bad publicity on the telly regarding farmed salmon, I would like to reassure our customers this is not the case with ours.


Our farmed salmon, comes from only three, ethical and recognized salmon farms in Scotland, the shetlands, Orkneys isles and loch dawart. These fish farms pride themselves on allowing fish to have enough freedom, their farms are not overcrowded. They are grown in a strong tidal current of the Scottish waters, and they are fed decent food.


The other types of Salmon we use, are wild Irish (when we can obtain it) and wild Alaskan. This truly is a real treat because these fish have never seen any artificial food in their life. The flavor difference with a wild fish is usually much stronger with a greater depth of flavor that the farmed fish.


We dry cure our fish using traditional methods, and again cold smoke our fish using aged, old traditional methods. We use a mixture of ash and oak wood. Which we feel gives the fish a more subtle flavor than just oak. Once our fish is cured and smoked, this can take several days, they are then very carefully trimmed and hand sliced and packed in our shop. Our Salmon can be purchased in 100 grm packages, we vac pack them to retain the freshness and to give you the best possible use by date. Although we never advise freezing smoked salmon, as it does effect the taste slightly, a vac packed product gives you the best chance of success. We will sell our Salmon by the whole side, either sliced or unsliced. If you preorder you can have sliced smoked salmon in any packet size you like.




We take our smoked mackerel very seriously, it if often portrayed  as being a very hard dry product that tastes of just smoke. Well that because you probably brought it from the super markets.

We source our mackerel from various fish markets around the uk including our own south coast in the summer.

The mackerel is filleted as soon as we receive it and brined in a salt water solution we then hot smoke our mackerel in our unique way the same day.

Our mackerel is cooled and packed on the same day as well to ensure it remains as moist  as it was when it left the smoker.

The benefits of buying our mackerel is that there are no added colours or artificial flavours or preservative. You will receive a lovely moist soft fishy tasting mackerel that’s full of omega 3 oils and tastes great

You can do many things with smoked mackerel simply have it in a sandwich or with a salad, you can make some pate out of it or put it in a quiche. Its lovely on a fish patter or one of my fravoutes is on some lovey thick toast under the grill just to warm it up and get the oils flowing.




These really our signature product, we grow the trout on site and our pure crystal clear spring waters provide them with an abundance of natural food. Growing the trout in these perfect conditions, really do pay dividence in the flavor of the fish. There is not a hint of earthiness in our trout at all. Our trout make the short journey, from the fish farm to the processing rooms, where they are prepared and brined in a simple, water/salt solution. They are then hot smoked over selected oak and ash logs. You can buy our trout as a whole fish straight from the smoker, or we go the extra mile and fillet and bone, then vac pack these products to retain the freshness and flavor.


We also make a smoke trout pate’ out of our product and sometimes when we are grading our fish, it throws up a surprise of an extra large fish. These are destined for the dry curing and the smoking process, just like our smoked salmon, as the finished result is an extremely rich and creamy fish, with a deep depth of flavor. This is cold smoked Trout.


Trout can be purchased from our farm fresh from the water, where it is dispatched as required. We do not pre-dispatch our trout, we only do this as they are required.




We stock a large range of frozen seafood at Tillingbourne. We virtually sell anything, we have a motto if it swims, we sell it. You will typically find products like:












And much more in our freezers.


We have a theory that fish which is caught, processed and frozen quickly, when correctly thawed will be just as good as product as when caught fresh. You will notice that most of our frozen products are IQF, this stands for Instant Quick Frozen. This is the processing plants method of quickly freezing these fish, so they don’t dry out and retain their original moisture.


We never sell fish fish which has been previously frozen, but can obtain fresh fish straight from the major fish markets when required. Feel free to give us a ring to check what products are in season and the current prices.