Meet the Animals

Meet the Animals

Most people would associate us with fish, but in addition to an average stock level of 40,000 trout, we a selection of other fun animals which help out on the farm.


We have thirty laying hens, this enables us to keep our farm shop stocked with the freshest of eggs.


We have nine beautiful, white farm yard geese. Again they provide us with large white geese eggs through April, May and June which we sell through the farm shop. The help keep the grass down around the catch your pond as they are constant grazers, and enjoy the odd paddle in the pond.


Inside the fish farm, we have a resident goat called Reggie. Reggie is a rescue goats who arrived on the farm about two years ago. He lives inside the fish farm where helps keep the grass down and enjoys stripping the surrounding hedge. Reggie has an amazing personalities and is very social, he will respond when you talk to him. Usually this response will indicate his desire for more food.


During July of this year we will see the introduction of some Lambs.